WA Warning Forecast Track Map (WA) for TC Marcus



Tropical Cyclone Marcus

Issued at 6:00 am AWST Monday 19 March 2018. Refer to Tropical Cyclone Advice Number 35.

Community Threat

Warning Zone
Gales within 24 hours
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Watch Zone
Gales from 24-48 hours
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Past Cyclone Details

Past Location and Intensity Number
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Past Track and Movement
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Current Cyclone Details

Current Location and Intensity Number
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Very Destructive Winds
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Forecast Cyclone Details
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Forecast Location and Intensity Number
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Very Destructive Wind Boundary
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Most Likely Future Track
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Range of Likely Tracks of Cyclone Centre
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The forecast path shown above is the Bureau's best estimate of the cyclone's future movement and intensity. There is always some uncertainty associated with tropical cyclone forecasting and the grey zone indicates the range of likely tracks of the cyclone centre.

Due to the uncertainty in the future movement, the indicated winds will almost certainly extend to regions outside the rings on this map. The extent of the warning and watch zones reflects this.

This product is designed for land-based communities; mariners should read the coastal waters and high seas warnings.


Tropical Cyclone Marcus is strengthening offshore from the northwest Kimberley coast and will move westwards, further away from the coast during today.

Areas affected:

Warning zone: Mitchell Plateau to Beagle Bay, but NOT including Derby.

Watch zone: None.

Cancelled zones: None.

Details of Tropical Cyclone Marcus at 5:00 am AWST:

Intensity: category 1, sustained winds near the centre of 85 kilometres per hour with wind gusts to 120 kilometres per hour.
Location: within 30 kilometres of 14.9 degrees South, 123.9 degrees East , 95 kilometres northwest of Kuri Bay and 385 kilometres north northeast of Broome .
Movement: west at 19 kilometres per hour .

Tropical Cyclone Marcus is offshore from the northwest Kimberley coast and is moving west away from the coast. TC Marcus is expected to strengthen during today and is expected to become a Severe Tropical Cyclone later Monday evening. The system will continue to strengthen and track westwards away from the WA mainland during Tuesday with no further impact on northern communities.


GALES with gusts to 100 kilometres per hour are possible over coastal parts of the northwest Kimberley between Mitchell Plateau and Cockatoo Island at the moment. Conditions are expected to ease from the west during the morning. These winds may extend as far south as Beagle Bay during Monday morning then ease in the afternoon.

Tropical Cyclone Marcus will continue moving westwards over the next few days and remain well offshore from the WA coast. It will not move far enough south to have any significant impact on Broome, Derby or the Pilbara coast.

Tides around the northwest Kimberley coast may be higher than normal and may rise above the normal high tide mark during Monday.

HEAVY RAIN is occurring near the system in the coastal northwest Kimberley, but should be on an easing trend as TC Marcus moves further offshore. A Flood Warning is current, see www.bom.gov.au/wa/warnings for details.

Recommended Action:

DFES advises of the following community alerts:

RED ALERT: People in or near coastal and island communities from Kalumburu to Mitchell Plateau, but NOT including Kalumburu, should remain in shelter.

YELLOW ALERT: People in or near coastal and island communities from Mitchell Plateau to Cockatoo Island, but NOT including Mitchell Plateau, need to take action and get ready to shelter from a cyclone.

BLUE ALERT: People in or near coastal and island communities from Cockatoo Island to Beagle Bay, but NOT including Derby and Cockatoo Island, need to prepare for cyclonic weather.

People needing SES assistance can call 132 500. In a life threatening situation call 000. For more safety tips visit www.emergency.wa.gov.au


Time (AWST) Intensity Category Latitude
(decimal deg.)
(decimal deg.)
Estimated Position
Accuracy (km)
0hr 5 am March 19 1 14.9S 123.9E 30
+6hr 11 am March 19 2 15.1S 122.8E 55
+12hr 5 pm March 19 2 15.2S 121.6E 75
+18hr 11 pm March 19 3 15.2S 120.4E 95
+24hr 5 am March 20 3 15.0S 119.2E 120
+36hr 5 pm March 20 4 14.8S 116.7E 155
+48hr 5 am March 21 4 14.7S 114.0E 190
+60hr 5 pm March 21 5 14.9S 111.2E 225
+72hr 5 am March 22 5 15.6S 108.9E 265

Tropical Cyclone information is also available in MetEye

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The next Forecast Track Map will be issued by 9:00 am AWST Monday